Friday, June 15, 2007

Hello fellow Agnihotra performers and believers as well as first-timers!

Hello there,

We are trying this system out in the hope that we spread agnihotra faster and on a wider scale. Time is of the essence. The more people who will practice agnihotra, the more area will be cleansed, and more people will be healed. One needs only to recall yesterday's or the past months' heat and flood and hurricanes, as well as watch Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" to know that the world is really heading towards rapid destruction. It is not going to get better esp. if we don't do anything, but a solution that is needed could no longer come from the ordinary. WE need a quantum solution. Something that is semingly small but insignificant yet is equivalent to a nuclear or atomic bomb in magnitude and speed. Something that defies space and time. So please visit us and share your thoughts and experience and together we make a great difference in this planet that we live in.

Pam Fernandez (Prof, UPLB. Jun 16 2007)


orgonaut7 said...

Hi Pam
Don't buy into Al Gore's 'An inconvenient truth'.
It's not true.
There is plenty of info on the web about the global warming scam.
It will be used to create a world wide tax and put the blame (and cost)on the people. See 'The great global warming swindle' on google video, a film made by the BBC.
Yes there is 'climate change' But it is mostly caused by the sun. Al Gore is a fellow Skull and Bones member of George Bush. If you put the name of the movie in masonic terms then 'An inconvenient truth' becomes 'A convenient Lie'!!!

Agnihotra Philippines said...

Thanks for pointing it out. He being member or not, I feel the globe warming. And the sun to me still shines the way it has been (although getting older). But very interesting take on these guys. Makes one think hard and be more critical. Is "Illumenate" (sp) part of the issue?

JSD Real Estate Leasor said...

i would advice buy it! if you wanted to heal the world then you must know much damage the world is.. and al gore didn't win the NOBEL for nothing. that has to be something.