Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Agnihotra saved my life!

It's always nice spending of your time in serenity, especially when you are with people who share the same love for peace every once in a while... or everyday.

Well, who doesn't need peace of "everything", anyway?

For the past months, I have been involved with Agnihotra. The first time I have joined the practice was indeed a very life changing moment for me. I kind of 'enhanced' my intuition capacity. You know, when I went back to my 'pad', I had thought of double-locking my door before going to sleep. I never double-locked it before. But that night after my first Agnihotra, was unexplainable... While everybody was in his/her deep sleep or whatchamacallit R.E.M. state, a burglar invaded the place where I am staying at. My room was supposedly the burglar's 'tarjet' or target... But since he thought it would be impossible for him to enter my room, he went to another. To his luck, he got two cellphones from my dorm-mates', whose room was not locked.

The morning after the burglar invasion, I was greatly amazed by the thought of something has changed within me... I couldn't really explain what went on to my mind why I double-locked my room before going to sleep then.

But what I can be sure of is that I was changed by Agnihotra!

Anyway, I have more interesting stories about what Agnihotra has done in my life.

So much to say, I'll write them next time!

Keep the fire burning! (c/o my org-shirt print)


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