Friday, June 15, 2007


Welcome to Agnihotra Philippines!

Agnihotra is the science of resonance! It helps HEAL the Earth!

Agnihotra in the Philippines is mainly practiced by a professor in the University of the Philippines in Los BaƱos, students, and professionals from all walks of life.

It is performed twice everyday and an offering is made at exact sunrise and sunset (depending on your location in the world). The offering consists of two pinchful uncooked whole grain rice with cow ghee. And it is offered through a prepared fire out of cowdung cake in a copper pyramid. There is a Sanskrit mantra that is chanted when the offering is made. A different mantra is sung during sunrise and sunset.


orgonaut7 said...

I am in Pampanga and have been doing agnihotra for over 2 years now.
Only just came across this site while looking for fellow Agnihotri's.
I use agnihotra ash for cleansing negative energies in a way that is probably not known to most involved in Agnihotra. Have seen some amazing results in the atmosphere.
Just google Agnihotra mudballs.

Agnihotra Philippines said...

Good to hear from you. Hopefully we have a chance to talk to each other. or text. my no. 09193744287