Thursday, June 28, 2007

Agnihotra, same as inner work? A prereq to outer work?

Agnihotra, is it the same as doing self-development or inner work? Inner work, is it a prerequisite to effective outer work such as healing the earth?

Commonly it is thought that one must be doing a willful inner work before being able to do an effective earth and human service. This process may also be considered akin to Agnihotra because inner work is also lighting up one’s “inner fire”.

Note some thoughts from our friends:

“There is fire in us when we are our striving for higher knowledge or self-development, and when we are in touch with our higher self or guardian angel. This striving in our inner self means working on our 3 aspects: head, heart and hands/limbs…The fire in Agnihotra enhances such inner fire”.

On the question whether this inner work should precede the outer work, or if lighting up the fire of our "I" and our being is a prerequisite to right action, here are some thoughts shared by our friends:

“There is a real scientific connection of Agnihotra with the earth, esp in the realm of rhythms such as the rising and setting of the sun. The fire from the Agnihotra or the “outer fire” deals with the real sun and this connects with our inner "I". It stimulates earth-related rhythms and enhances every living being on earth, as well as reflects the benefits back to the cosmos itself. The effects mentioned are synergistic, creating a positive vortex far greater than any nuclear explosion“.

“Discoveries in astrophysics affirm what ancient knowledge had been saying, and attest to the great healing power or energy that is in the atmosphere at exact sunrise and sunset. There is greater explanation to the effects of Agnihotra, why it works even if it precedes inner work”.

‘We need to expand our own current sphere of knowing, to further broaden ourselves, to embrace the intrinsic value of Agnihotra, and in order to reach greater awareness. The practice of Agnihotra (or outer work) can do (and make us experience) healing. With understanding and knowledge on why this is so, we can achieve deeper realization”.

Please post your thoughts and insights so we can keep the inner and outer fire burning.



Dr. Vivek potdar said...

Dr. Vivek potdar said...

Cosmic Coach Ate said...

Hi, Pam! Years ago, I practised Agni for some time in Mactan and have already shared with you the amazing results in our "healing garden" here, eh? This was however disrupted by continuing house renovations and traveling out-of-town. Now, I would like to pursue this practice again soon in Antipolo where I would be based this time. Be keeping in touch with you then, Doc. God bless you!

Love and lily P.