Tuesday, June 19, 2007

From Gayle


I'm Gayle, the nine-year old my mom was talking about.

I do Agnihotra as my mom wrote in "About Me". I've been doing it for a few months.

Uhm, I'm kinda running out of words but not for long! You see, EVERYONE, everyone calls me Ms. Talkative. Well, not everyone.

Uh, uh, uh, we've distributed about uhm, 30 Agnihotra Kits.

Okay, now I'll get me talkin'. uhm, uhm, oops! There I go again. Okay. NOW, I'll get me talkin'. I have a grandmother (already mentioned in "About Me"), she was sickly before. But with Agnihotra, she's now a lively grandmother!

I'd like to thank a few people. okay, not a few... HERE WE GOOOOOOO!!!

I'd like to thank:
Ate Pearl
Ate Sarah
Kuya Rod
Kuya Irvin
Lola Emet
Ate Gay
Tita Rina
Lolo Renoy
Ate Anita
Tita Ivy
Tita Theda
Teacher Trina
Tita Shirley
Tita Arma
Tita Yvette
Tita Sheila
Tita Gladys
Tita Chedie
Tito Alex
That's all I can remember to thank now.

1 comment:

Agnihotra Philippines said...

Nice message Gayle,

But please don't forget to thank your Mom & Dad!

Love always.