Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Testinony from Peter Jerome B. Del Rosario an Agri 121 C student of Mam Pam

Agnihotra really has QUANTUM EFFECTS! When I read the handouts about agnihotra, I was fascinated with how it works! My eldest sister suffer in epilepsy for almost 15 years. It was two weeks since my sister started drinking the ash. We mixed the ash with coffee or juices for her to drink it. After 2-week observation, we noticed that she only experience epilepsy attacks once in the day. Before, she have 2 epilepsy attacks whenever she have menstrual flow. We are hoping that after many weeks. my sister will be completely healed.

As to its quantum effects, whenever I come in the house after school or after washing the clothes, I always feel energized some minutes after unlike before. I always feel this "easiness" and "relaxation" entering my body. I addition, my mother also tried to drink the ash, mixing it with water. That night after she drank the ash, she felt the healing going upwards from her "puson", then to her head. She felt as if every nerves of her brain are being massaged. Well. I read that the energy of agnihotra really goes upward. The next day my mother felt easier.

I hope that agnihotra will continue healing my sister and everyone will be encouraged to experience its wonder.

Agnihotra is a gift from God!

-Peter Jerome Del Rosario

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Unknown said...

How do I pay back my debts?
Ever wondered how to repay God for all his kindness? God gave us life. He gave us the means to sustain this life. He gave us a wonderful self sufficient home. One of its kind in this entire Universe. Everything here is automated. We have the Sun to monitor everything and keep everything in the optimum working condition.
Air, Water, Soil, Atmosphere. Everything is just perfect. Everything works on its own. Everything is free. All we had to do was to just maintain it.

And yet today we have reached a point of no return. Ever wondered why?
We forgot to thank God for all that he gave us. And how should we have thanked him?

I thank Him in Words every single day but in Action every minute I am ruining this Great gift I got from Him. I am polluting everything that was once nourishing.

Can I stop the destruction? Maybe, maybe not.
I need numbers to fight the decay.

On my own, how then do I thank God?

The answer lies in the Vedas. The answer is Agnihotra.
What does Agnihotra do?
It Heals the Atmosphere.
Agnihotra is a process of purification of the atmosphere as a cumulative effect of various scientific principles harnessed to give rise to an unparalled purifying and healing phenomenon.
Agnihotra balances the cycle of nature and nourishes the human life.
It creates pure, clean and medicinal atmosphere.
It cleanses the negative effects of pollution.
Agnihotra is the process of purification of the atmosphere through the agency of fire prepared in a copper pyramid tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise/sunset.

It is based on the Vedic sciences of bioenergy, medicine, agriculture and climate engineering.

We ruined the wonderful Home that he let us use. It is our duty to repair and maintain it the way He gave it to us.
What better way to say Thanks to the Almighty than to restore the beauty of His Creation.

It is what our Children will inherit.

As for me, I know God has accepted my Thanks in the form of Agnihotra. I see a dozen Sparrows on my window sill now… they had been missing for the last 5 years.

Life is beautiful. Live with Gratitude.