Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Testimony from Shalom Villalva (Agri 121 student/ Student Assistant)

My personal experience was that agnihotra does something in my body that I cannot fully explain.

It was in our class in Agri 121 (Ecological Agriculture) that I learned about this thing. At the very first moment when Mam Pam introduced this agnihotra to us, I felt so excited! It was very new to me that I wanted to experience practicing such mantra/ritual. It's healing effects also added to my enthusiasm.

I remembered one time in our class, Mam Pam brought a jar of ashes and gave us some to use to boost our energy. I was so excited. When I went to the apartment I took a little amount of it, put it in my mouth and then I drank water. The effect was this, I felt dizzy... dizzy but hyper. I was so on that I laughed so hard and have had this energy to do things (actually that was during my application period to a certain organization here in UPLB) spontaneously.

When I got home, my father had this strong back pain. I had agnihotra in my bag so I used it. I mixed a little amount of it with ghee (the result was like an ointment but black/gray) and then I rubbed it on his back. His first reaction was "why is it warm sha?" and he was smiling/laughing. He was sweating actually. That time I assumed, the agnihotra's effect was in an instant, quantum indeed!

In december 24th 2009 we went to our province in Marinduque. My grandfather had this sever cold and he kept on coughing, good thing I had agnihotra. I did the same thing as what I did to my dad however, instead of using ghee I used efficacent oil/ointment. The effect was different, he had small itchy spots on his back. I realized, ointment isn't good with agni because both of it is "hot". Thus, I recommend use only ghee when making agni ointment. ^-^

At home I do personal agniing, either in the morning or in the afternoon but I feel better when I do it in the morning. Actually, I had this experience at home after a morning session, my brother took a picture of me and of the stairs... there were lots of orbs/round energies around me and around the stairs. It was so COOL! I will upload the pictures don't worry. ^-^

Lastly, my family aren't really comfortable with consuming agnihotra ashes because of the thought that it is "cow manure/cow dung" but I'm so hard headed... hehe, everytime I cook at home, I mix a little amount of agni in rice or in any viand... they actually assume its pepper... so they unconsciously consume it wahahaha!

Agniing really makes me feel better and it adds happiness to our home! I wish that anyone who reads this blog will also be inspired to practice agnihotra. ^-^

That's all for now. ^-^

Thank you for reading!!!

- Shalom

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